Why I Will Probably Never Take A Maymester Class Again.

Hey yall,

So I officially made it through the first week of Maymester. I don’t know if I survived but I am here. Of course I got sick, this happens to me every semester but I was hoping to avoid this because we were only off of school a week and this class is every day for two weeks. So none of this post may make any sense because I’ve got a ton of cold meds in my system. I was supposed to be at my retail job yesterday but that was not happening. Today I am felling much better and I’m pretty proud of the work I got done from my bed. Okay back to why I will never probably ever take a maymester class again. (Ps some schools call this different things: but basically its a two week class that meets every day for almost 4 hours.)

Only some classes work as a maymester class.

Two weeks, you cram a whole semester worth of information/work into two weeks!!! Only some classes work in this kind of setting. I’m taking Professional Responsibility which does work but I could never take something like Civ. Pro. in two weeks. You have to find the right classes to fit in a maymester and I think most schools try to only offer classes that will actually work in the shortened time frame.

You have to be in class every day.

Sitting in class every day is not bad but the class is twice as long as a normal class. So it seems to take forever to get through the class. The other problem with it being every day it that you are basically having a whole weeks worth of reading in one night! It’s basically impossible to keep up with all of the reading and keep an adequate outline going, which brings me to the next point.

Your exam is two weeks away when you start.

And it keeps creeping closer each day. This means you have to jump in full force studying for finals like you would the last few weeks of the semester from the very first day. This has been tough but it has also been good for me because I am terrible with keeping up with my outlines throughout the semester so I am hoping this class will help me get in the habit of outlining after every class.

You really don’t get a break

For me, I had a week off before maymester started and I am taking two more summer classes that start the day after the final for maymester. My dad laughed at me when I was complaining that I didn’t get a break and reminded me that in the real world you don’t get summer break. Its actually kind of sad that I am looking forward to the start my summer classes because they are only on Monday and Wednesday so at least I will have some free time! I was supposed to work all weekend at my retail job and all next weekend so my weekends were not even free. Which translates to my house and life is a mess outside of school and I am looking forward to maymester being over so I can get it back together.

The one good thing: the class is out of the way.

The final though I have on maymester is that at least the class will be out of the way. I am going to be taking the MPRE either in august or November but either way the class itself is out of the way. My maymester and summer classes cleared up a lot of my required course for fall semester so I will be knocking out even more graduation requirements this fall. I am hoping this takes away from some of my work load in my later semesters so I can focus more on getting an internship.

Side note: I did apply for a few internship but did not get it. I also had free credits to use this summer from an honors program that was based on my grades from first semester. I decided to use the credits (why waste free money) and stay local this summer. I was also continuing to look for internships when I got my retail job so I decided to put my search on hold until summer classes were over that way I could focus on my GPA and doing well in these classes.

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your summer and if you are suffering along with me through maymester keep your head up and remember you are already half way done with the semester!