Whats In My Bag: First Day of School Edition

Well its finally here, the first day of 2L year! I thought I would share a brief what’s in my bag so you can see some of my favorite things. If you are a first year student this is what worked for me through lots of trial and error so give yourself time to get your own system down. So here we go:

Lets start with the bag: I am a bag lover. In high school and undergrad I often switched between tote bags and backpacks and the same goes for law school but I have stepped my game up a bit. I love a good canvas tote bag! The free ones always hold together really well but for law school I wanted to step it up a bit. I bought this bag at target last year and its reversible which makes it fun for class with this back and white print but the reverse is solid black and perfect for more professional days. 

I am a tiny human and law books are heavy! My first semester I parked much further away from class so I tended to carry all of my books for the day with me at once. For this tough job I always relied on my Swiss Backpack! This bag is a few years old and still holds up like the day it was bought. It has traveled the world with me and carried most of my books at some point in time or another. I will still switch over to this one when I need some extra help with the weight of the big law books. 

Now moving on to what goes in the bag:

Laptop: while I don’t take class notes on my laptop its still nice to have to do homework, research, or look up things between classes. Remember law books are heavy so always keep your laptop in a protective sleeve when its in your bag! Trust me, this laptop has taken quit a beating over my first year and I’m not trying to buy a new one before graduation. 

Class binder: I keep a binder with tabs for all 5 classes with the syllabi, by reading notes, and my class notes from the week for each class. at the end of the week I transfer the notes to a five inch binder after I outline them. I also keep notebook paper for book notes in the front of the binder along with a copy of my class schedule.

Planner: I always have my Plum Paper Planner with me. It is my life and my sanity most days. See my thoughts on my planner here. I still love my pineapple cover but will be ordering a few new covers soon for the fall.

Legal Pad: I always take my class notes on a legal pad. I think its great court prep to get used to taking notes on them. My class notes are always on Canary legal pads. This makes them easy to distinguish from book notes.

Law books for class: I always make sure I have my books for the classes I have that day and usually one or two more if I have time to do other course readings that day.

Pens, pencils, and such: I always have black pens for class notes, blue pens for book notes, and pencils for reading. I also keep highlighters, white out, colored pens (use these for my planner), post it notes of varying sizes (the big ones live in my laptop case), flags, bobby pins, an eraser, and headphones. I also keep a back up of my go to lipstick for days I have to be in court clothes.

Personal bag and other miscellaneous items: I always have this little makeup bag with hand sanitize, tissues, hand lotion, a mirror, gum or mints (or both, but I usually don’t chew gum in public), a mini lint roller, my iPhone, my iPad (I don’t usually carry both my iPad and my computer but during the first few weeks of school I take pictures of the reading on my iPad from the library books if my textbooks are not in yet), I always have a water bottle and a snack, and most of the time I have a coffee mug too. 

Well that’s pretty much all I have in my bag. Now its time for me to pack it all up and head to my class for the first day of school. I hope yall have a great start to your semester!